Clay Craft Ideas for Adults

Clay crafts can be relaxing and allow people to express their creative side without being too difficult. For adults who want to get into clay crafting there is a wide range of clays to use. First there is the air dry clay, which is good for magnets and for a craft that needs to be done in a short amount of time. Then of course there is the shape and bake clay. This particular type of clay comes in many colors and catagories. You have the basic clay that is good for simple figurines and then there is the kind that is good for sculpting dolls. For adults just starting there are even molds that will help them create their ideas until they are ready to do it all themselves. There is so much offered for clay crafting that enables anyone who wants to express their creativity to do so.
Here are clay craft ideas for adults:
An easy craft to start off with is a simple teddy bear figurine. The molding of the body and head are the major parts. Each arm, leg and ear are formed separately and then attached to the body. An easy way to ensure they stay attached is to cut toothpicks to the desired length and insert them into the limb and body.